Somaliland: A Pocket Of Stability In A Chaotic Region

America’s National Public Radio has broadcast a report from Somaliland, saying the country offers huge investment potential right now because it’s a wide open market without competition.

A new investor could come in and gain a “tremendous market share.”

The report centers on the new Coca Cola bottling plant.

“Somalia is synonymous with failed states, pirates and Islamist militants. But in the nation’s northwest lies a peaceful, stable territory with an elected government known as Somaliland. The enclave broke away from the fractious Horn of Africa nation in 1991 and has been going it alone ever since.

“To the disappointment of its residents, Somaliland has not been recognized as an independent nation, but its stability is attracting investors that other parts of Somalia can only dream of.

“The biggest investment project so far sits along a dirt road in the desert some 20 miles outside of the capital, Hargeisa. There, Moustapha Guelle and his four brothers have built a new $17 million Coca-Cola bottling factory.”

Read or listen to the report at NPR

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