Vote Now – Help get Edna Hospital an Ambulance

Edna Hospital, as you may be aware, is badly – urgently! – in need of a new ambulance. The old one is so unreliable that it cannot be sent outside of Hargeisa. When a life-and-death emergency threatens the life of a mother and her newborn baby, the hospital needs to be able to provide transportation wherever it is needed.

Somebody is giving away a Ford Ranger and Edna has her mind set on winning it for use as the Hospital Ambulance. You can help by taking a moment to vote here: Kjaer & Kjaer Facebook page.

Edna Hospital is represented by a photo of the hospital itself. Look at the top row of Page One.

Remember to Share this on your own Facebook page. Thank you, as always, for your support! UPDATE: Edna Hospital has now moved up to Page One, the top row!

Vote Now. Click Here!

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  1. Currently, Edna Hospital is at the bottom of Page 2 and is represented by a photo of the hospital itself. Thank you for voting!

  2. Edna Hospital is moving up the list. Thanks for your support! Here is a video that we like very much.

  3. Successfully moving up to the leading contenders, I made note about it on my wall so that I can get more people to vote. Hope they win. All the best of luck!

  4. Edna just moved to page one! Kerp it there, folks!

  5. Edna Hospital is in the top 5. Thank you so much, everyone!

  6. redwan abdihakiim

    really we success insha allaah because i have confidential in our people to vote our hospital i now that Edna need more vote we vote our hospital

  7. We voted & raising the issue through Somaliland web sites hope you get the Ambulance for the hospital always proud of your work.

  8. gaadhiga haloogu deeqo dhakhtarka…dhakhso uu siiya bilaa caleekum

  9. hodan abid elmi

    i am voted ADNA to get the Ambulance for her hospital , thank u adna u did good job

  10. I have voted and I will let my friends and family know on Facebook. I hope you get it Ms Adan.

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