21 Midwives Awarded Bachelor of Science Degrees

“Today was a big day in my life and a big day for Midwives and a big day for Somaliland!

“My daughters – 21 of them! – graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Midwifery.

“The President of Somaliland and other dignitaries were there for the total of 640 students who were graduating from Hargeisa University. Our sincere gratitude goes to the Friends of the Edna Adan Hospital who have sustained us during the past 12 years as well as to DFID for having sponsored the Bachelor of Science course for our midwives. Appreciation and blessings to all who have supported us from around the world.”

– Edna Adan

It was the proudest day for Edna and the Edna Adan Hospital, for the girls, their trainers, their families and for Somaliland.

Here is a video of Margaret Chrichton speaking to THET about her many varied and treasured experiences teaching these Midwives at Edna University Hospital and helping to educate young mothers in Hargeisa.

Read about it in the Somaliland Sun


  1. This is amazing news. Well done to our beloved students and hope yr skills and knowledge will make a difference in woman’s lives in maternal health. Zainab

  2. Bravo again and congrats to all the graduates, you are a blessing to your young Nation and we are proud of you.

  3. Well done everyone.. the culmination of alot of hard work and dedication!

  4. Congratulations!! I received my BSN as well 3 years ago. I am a single mom it was difficult at times, but I did it by keeping my mind set that this is a good thing for myself and my family. Keep up the good work!

  5. Congratulaions, what a proud moment for you and these brand new midwives.


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