The Muslim Mother Theresa

We have so much news to report! Of course, the biggest news is that Half the Sky can be seen on America’s PBS beginning this evening in the USA and Canada. Coming soon to other countries. You may pre-order the DVD at

Edna’s portion will be shown at the beginning of Part 2, on Tuesday evening.

Other news includes the award which Edna received on Saturday in New York’s Central Park before a crowd of 60,000. Edna was honored with the Global Citizen Award. “I was very moved by the roar of the crowd which was the biggest I had even seen.” Photos coming soon.

Here are a few reviews of Half the Sky:

Excerpted below is a new profile of Edna at The Huffington Post.
New Profile of Edna Adan

I hope I live to see the day where a humanitarian hero is referred to as the Christian Edna Adan.

Who’s Edna Adan? The short answer: she’s a nurse-midwife, founder of a hospital bearing her name, who’s saving and changing the lives of tens of thousands of people in Somaliland — a place not even recognized as a country. She’s also a Muslim.

Edna is as tough as General Petraeus, as compassionate as the Pope, as tireless as Michael Phelps, as beautiful at 75 as Tina Turner, and has a ‘get-it-done-no-excuses” work ethic to rival Bill Gates. I would not want to be on Edna’s bad side.

I had the pleasure of spending a week with her last month in Somaliland. Here’s one reason I think she’s extraordinary. After retiring as a senior United Nations diplomat where she’d championed women’s and children’s health, she could have chosen to have a cushy life in London or Paris or New York. That’s what most people do. But not Edna. Far from it. Instead she cashed in her pension, sold her Mercedes, her jewelry and even her dishwasher — a true sacrifice, if you ask me — to build her dream: a hospital in her home town of Hargeisa to provide safe deliveries for women who were far too often dying in childbirth. Somaliland has one of the world’s highest birth rates per woman and the highest maternal mortality rates. It took her the better part of a decade, much of that time she lived in the building as it was slowly being built.

…I don’t know any Norwegians on the Nobel Prize Committee, but if I did, I would humbly suggest they honor Edna, one of the finest human beings God has created, with their glorious Peace Prize. In doing so perhaps they’d also help more people see that the world is full of humanitarians of all faiths — even if there’s only one incomparable Edna Adan.

Full Article – Click Here

Huffington Post Global Motherhood

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  1. What an inspiring story of such a beautiful woman. A precious woman with a great love for her country and women in general. May God continue to use her and and lift up mother and infant’s mortality using the young graduates to continue her work even after she will be gone to receive her reward in heaven. Meanwhile, may she continue to receive strength and wisdom from above. Thank you for your service to humanity Ms. Edna Adan!!!

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