150 Women Who Shake the World

The annual Women in the World Summit is going on now in New York City. Edna Adan is participating again this year, and she has been named to this list of 150 women who shake the world.

Complete list of world-shaking women

Newsweek and The Daily Beast Honor 150 Extraordinary Women

“They are heads of state and heads of household, angry protesters in the city square and sly iconoclasts in remote villages. With a fiery new energy, women are building schools, starting businesses, fighting corruption, harnessing new technologies and breaking down old prejudices.

“Whenever a woman or girl gains control of her destiny, the local standard of living goes up and the values of human rights spread. So this year, and every year, Newsweek and The Daily Beast will honor local heroes, and the growing network of powerful women who support their efforts. Plus, read more about the Women in the World conference.”

150 Women who shake the world

Hillary Clinton photo

Hillary Clinton photo

The Daily Beast has kindly provided Edna with a photo of herself with Hillary Clinton at the conference in NYC.

Hillary Clinton with Edna Adan in NYC

Edna missed getting a photo of the encounter, herself, but happily somebody else did.

The two go way back.

Says Edna:

“I had a longish chat about FGM [Female Genital Mutilation] with Hilary Clinton and reminded her of our first meeting in Beijing in 1995 during the Women’s Conference there when I was the first person on that occasion to raise the question of FGM.”

Daily Beast Womens Summit: Photos

Daily Beast Womens Summit: Photos

Edna Adan has shared some photos from the recent Women in the World Summit in New York City.

Here are some of the best of what was taken.

There are many (many!) more photos in the Edna Hospital Photo Galleries.

New Profile of Edna

Lynn Sherr has published a new article profiling Edna Adan at the Daily Beast.

Read Full Article at The Daily Beast

Edna Adan Nursing School Graduates

Edna Adan with Graduating Nurses

“The biggest gift I want to leave behind is not a building, but the skills I leave with the women. I want to train 1,000 midwives.”

Her progress so far is astounding. Since the hospital opened, they have delivered more than 9,500 women and lost only 39. “That’s 39 too many,” she laments, nonetheless delighted that they have reduced the maternal mortality rate by one-fourth. In 1988, the last time a study was done, there were 160 deaths per 10,000 births in Somaliland, making it the third worst in the world. “Women are dying of complications nobody is picking up,” she explains. “Because nobody is there to support them, care for them, or deliver them. They are getting infected, torn apart. No woman should die of childbirth, because modern obstetrics has ways to save them.” The challenge: “ignorance, poverty, and harmful traditions.”

Those are also the culprits in her other lifelong cause: ending the practice now called Female Genital Mutilation. When she started speaking out–to the embarrassment of her husband-it was simply Female Circumcision. “No one would talk about it then. I was the first Somali woman to pick up a microphone.” And despite all the publicity in recent years she says, “We have not cracked the surface of it. I am giving out a document at the conference showing a new survey of 4.000 women. Of them, 97 percent, shamefully, had been cut. After 34 years of campaigning. We’re nowhere near winning that battle.”

But Edna Adan Ismail takes comfort that now, “we have the whole world talking about it, it’s out of the closet.”

Read Full Article at The Daily Beast
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