Edna Hospital has received a major donation from All the Sky Foundation for which we, and all the mothers of Somaliland, would here like to thank them profusely. The following is an introduction to the foundation and its founder.

Edna’s response, “We would like to use your generous donation to save the lives of the mothers and their unborn children, and cover the cost of emergency C-Sections poor women. After all, these are the women I built the hospital for in the first place.”


Rick Rust was an incredibly compassionate, driven, intelligent individual who cared deeply about the needs of others. A boat builder by trade and humanitarian by heart, he had a ripple effect on the lives of everyone who had the honor of knowing him. On the heels of his 2014 terminal diagnosis, Rick had finished reading the book Half The Sky: Turning Oppression Into Opportunity.

Above is a clip from the PBS Documentary Half the Sky which followed a book of the same name by Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn. Half the Sky (book) at Amazon

The stories found amongst those pages inspired him to help raise awareness about the tragedies girls and women around the world are facing and put some good back into the world. Rick felt very strongly that in order to focus on true gender equality and create opportunities for women to become prosperous in the world, we also need to include men and boys in the conversation.


Rick left behind the summation of his life’s wealth to help others in need. Through his gift we will continue working hard to ensure that people living in poverty-stricken areas have access to knowledge; for freeing and expanding the mind is one of the most imperative steps a woman can take toward empowering herself. All lives deserve equal respect.

Rick passed away in May of 2017. It brings his family and those who loved him great peace and comfort to know he was able to see the beginning stages of his vision being carried out. He is proof that the compassion and care of one person has wide spreading effects.

About All the Sky Foundation: WHO WE ARE

All The Sky is a non-profit foundation whose mission is to serve under represented populations in the world with a focus on gender equality. It is our belief that all lives deserve equal respect and access to opportunity. It’s important that all people, but especially those with the smallest amount of resources, have access to the opportunities they need to succeed in life and transition out of poverty.

Women and girls can reshape entire societies when given the opportunity to participate and be responsible for their own lives. A woman’s success has a ripple effect across families, communities and countries with long-lasting benefits.

Our foundation will continue working ferociously against the oppression of women and girls in the developing world, because we know when marginalized populations are empowered and given access to education and healthcare, extraordinary things start happening. We know the key to economic progress lies in unleashing women’s potential and including men and boys in that conversation.