Edna participated in the recent Women in the World Summit in NYC where she discussed her fight to reduce the rate of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in Somaliland and her work to train more midwives. We have video.

Edna speaks about the significance of an all-female surgical team in such a patriarchal society. 70% of trainees at Edna University Hospital are female. She has trained 1000 midwives to help reduce maternal and infant mortality.

She notes that the hospital, where she also resides, was once the site of mass executions during the Somali civil war and now has become a place of healing and learning.

Edna’s memoir A Woman of Firsts will be published in September published by Harper Collins.

Nick Kristof tweeted a photo that was displayed during this panel discussion.

The two videos are from the same panel, each of them linking to different portions of her remarks.

Dearest Edna,

Many, many thanks for joining us at the 10th Anniversary Women in the World Summit! It was so wonderful to have you back with us after your presence at summits 1 and 2!

Your story about the all-women surgical team at your hospital was so inspiring, and your story about how ongoing conflict has shaped cultural perceptions around FGM were fascinating – I truly learned something new. And thanks so much for your book which I can’t wait to dive into!

Clips from your segment can be found on our YouTube page here. It was an honor to have you with us and we  hope to see you again soon!

Tina Brown