Here are many diverse photos of Edna Adan. They range from 1954, when at age 17 Edna was brought to London, having been awarded a Colonial Welfare and Development Scholarship by the British. Other photos are from recent international conferences in which she participated, such as the Clinton Global Initiative. One of the highlights includes her visit to the Johnson White House while she was the First Lady of Somaliland. Included below are also the years of service at the WHO. Following independence, Edna served in the Somaliland cabinet as the Foreign Minister. Edna lost most of her family photos in the coup that overthrew her husband, the democratic Prime Minister. However, in late 2013 she recovered a photo of her father and declared, “I am happy to have found a picture of my late father who remains to be my role-model to this day and was also the person who inspired me to build this hospital which I hope is the kind of hospital he would have liked to work in. I love the way his picture has been superimposed on the hospital and hope that I will accomplish a fraction of what he did during his service to our people when he was known as ‘The father of healthcare in British Somaliland Protectorate’.”