Radiology Unit Construction

This gallery documents our progress in 2013 on the construction of a new Radiology Unit.

Edna Hospital received a new X-Ray Machine but there was no available space where it could fit. So, there was need for a new building. Edna designed the new building herself. Along with her countless many other skills and accomplishments, she can now include “Architect”.

For those of you who have visited Edna Hospital, the location of the new building is just inside the gated entrance. We had to sacrifice a couple of Edna’s favorite flowering trees but it’s for a good cause.

Edna hopes to equip the new unit with a Mammography Machine because, right now, there is none in all of Somaliland!

We’ve always been a teaching hospital, but since we opened Edna Adan University we’ve had more students than ever. With another class of students preparing to enroll in November, we had to build extra classroom space above our pharmacy, supermarket and new radiology center.