On this page we spotlight some videos which we recommend to you, including segments from the PBS documentary Half the Sky and the 2009 Clinton Global Initiative where Edna was invited to participate in a panel discussion, Investing in Women and Girls. Others are from The Fistula Foundation, Direct Relief, TEDx and our friend Devin Foxall.
Many people first leared about Edna Hospital through the PBS documentary Half the Sky which was shown in October of 2012. The program was seen later in many other countries. Edna Adan is featured in a segment with film star Diane Lane. Follow Half The Sky on Facebook: www.facebook.com/halftheskymovement and watch a clip below: Here is Diane Lane discussing her experience of visiting Edna Hospital:

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Watch Diane Lane on Somaliland’s Edna Adan Maternity Hospital on PBS. See more from Independent Lens. Our friend Devin Foxall visited Somaliland and made this really marvelous seven minute video to introduce Edna, the hospital, and Somaliland itself. Edna speaks with Devin about the hospital, the civil war, and her sense of mission. Devin also takes his camera out into the streets to see what life is like now that peace and stability have come to Hargeisa.

Here is Devin’s second video from Somaliland. This one is a little more focused on the country itself but it also includes an interview with Edna Adan Ismail, who, previously served as Somaliland’s foreign minister between 2003 and 2006.


Here is a video from Nicholas Kristof

Nicholas Kristof Blog On the Ground

In the following video, Edna speaks at Ohio University on the subject of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). Edna begins speaking 15 minutes in. This video is from our partners at The Fistula Foundation.

Edna on the Need for More Trained Midwives

Maternal and Infant Mortality, and Fistulas, all could be prevented if only there were more qualified midwives. Edna is working on that.

Edna Adan Speaking at TEDx in Geneva

Edna was invited to Geneva in 2011 to address a TEDx conference where she spoke about Somaliland and the building of the Edna Hospital. She described how important is the training of midwives to the goal of reducing high rates of maternal and infant mortality. If Edna, beginning at the age of 60, in a war-ravaged and unrecognized country can accomplish her goal to build a hospital and use it to train midwives then anybody with determination can do the same elsewhere. Edna’s goal is to train 1000 midwives and return them to their communities.

Below is a profile of Edna Hospital on ABC News.

Edna Adan at the Clinton Global Initiative

The Clinton Global Initiative web site has made available video of the entire panel discussion PLENARY SESSION: INVESTING IN GIRLS AND WOMEN which includes Edna Adan. An excerpt appears immediately below, and then the video.

Click for Video of Edna Adan at CGI

Video of Edna Adan at CGI

“At a time when the world finds itself on an unsustainable course, facing an increasing number of complex challenges for which traditional approaches are no longer sufficient, innovation stands as a key to addressing many of the issues confronting us today. During this session, experts in the field will discuss the importance of innovation as a vehicle for building a sustainable future. Where does innovation begin? What should be the role of government in promoting and facilitating innovation? Which countries are leading the charge, and how do you best position yourself and your organization to take advantage? This panel will provide a broad introduction to innovation, various approaches to cultivate it, and implications for those who pursue it and those who don’t.”

You are able to skip ahead – Edna is introduced at about the 37-minute mark: Edna gives a real nice little speech about determination in difficult circumstances at about the 1:02 mark. At 1:16 she begins discussing the causes of high rates of maternal mortality, leading into an assertion that the most important thing anybody can do to show support for women is to support greater educational opportunities. At 1:24 Edna speaks about how Somaliland’s success is representative of what a people can do with limited resources if they have sufficient resolve to improve their circumstances. See more video from CGI

This video was recorded by Direct Relief

Visit Direct Relief Here is video about the training of Midwives, by Half the Sky: Here is video of Nicholas Kristof speaking from Somaliland on the topic of Mothers Day. Nicolas Kristof