New York Times columnist and Pulitzer Prize winner Nicholas Kristof has, once again, given a boost to Edna Hospital on Mother’s Day. Back in 2011, he dedicated an entire column to her Beyond Flowers for Mom.

And now he has mentioned her again in this year’s Mother’s Day column. Excerpts below, or, better, go to the article at the NYT website here: Full article

For Mother’s Day, Save Women’s Lives

Hundreds of deaths today alone could have been prevented

“I can’t think of any group of people more selfless and loving than mothers. But this celebration of motherhood is also hypocritical: For all our rhetoric, we routinely fail mothers here in the U.S. and around the world.

“On this Mother’s Day, if it’s like the average day, another 830 women will die around the globe from pregnancy or childbirth. That’s one woman dying every two minutes. Indeed, in much of the world, just about the most dangerous thing a woman can do is become pregnant.

Edna Adan & Nicholas Kristof at Hospital
Nicholas Kristof at Hospital

“In Cameroon I watched a mother of three named Prudence Lemokouno, 24, fighting for her life after suffering obstructed labor. An untrained birth attendant sat on her stomach, rupturing her uterus. Her husband took her by motorcycle to the hospital, but the staff wasn’t interested in helping.

“I pleaded with a nurse and warned that Lemokouno might die. The nurse shrugged and said, “That would be God’s will.”

“Sure enough, Lemokouno died. The cause of death wasn’t just obstructed labor but also an indifference to the lives of impoverished women like her, both at the local level and around the world.

“Historically, neither Democrats nor Republicans have been great on global women’s health. But Trump and his congressional allies have been particularly harsh, slashing programs that provide family planning or cervical cancer prevention in the name of preventing abortion (even though no U.S. money goes for abortions in these programs anyway).

” Americans are expected to spend $25 billion this Mother’s Day on flowers, earrings and meals. Go ahead: These women are worth it and more! But let’s remember that a tenth of that sum would save large numbers of lives of moms around the world. The Mothers’ Day Movement is a worthy effort to honor mothers in part by saving mothers’ lives. So is We Care Solar and so is the Edna Adan Hospital in Somaliland.”

You can make a donation online: Support Edna Hospital