Tessa Concepcion conducted research on paediatric surgery throughout Somaliland at the Edna Adan University Hospital as part of a joint project with Duke University, USA. The aim of the research project was to identify the different types and the frequency of different surgical care performed in Somaliland. Data collectors ventured out to the five regions of  Somaliland with community-based household surveys. Over 1500 children were interviewed, revealing  whether they have access to   surgical care, and what the obstacles to this are. In addition, data collected from private and public hospitals throughout the country showed patterns of care in different environments. This research was undertaken in collaboration with Duke University, USA, and GICS, the Global Initiative for Children’s Surgery,  of which Edna Adan is a founding member. Two months after Tessa left Somaliland, the research team were reunited in January 2018 at the third GICS conference, held in India.

Tessa’s 3 months spent here are summarised in this video showing stunning photos of Somaliland: